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A Look at Reiki.
By Robin Lechner

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan Healing Art. It is a hands on healing technique based on traditional energy (prana, chi, qi, ki,) theory incorporating the meridian system of energy pathways running through the body. These pathways of energy create and condition every aspect of your being. Reiki activates, balances and realigns this energy, affecting wellness on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It will reduce stress, increase energy, heal physically, and restore inner peace. It is a most powerful yet a most gentle healing modality.

Practitioners of Reiki are specially trained and attuned to the energy by a Master. They serve as instruments, channeling energy to where it is needed in their own or a clientís body. Reiki is very empowering: everyone can learn to channel the energy for themselves or for others.

"Reiki" is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy, which is the energy of creation and everything that exists is composed of this energy that was created at the beginning of time. We are all fabricated of the same stardust that was formed billions of years ago, and embody an inner intelligence that mirrors the wisdom of the ancient universe. Therefore, the body, as a living organism, is equiped with the inherent ability to heal itself. Reiki reconnects us with and reactivates our own healing energy.

Reiki is more than a treatment: it is also a spiritual discipline. This beautiful energy of creation can be experienced as an evolution of consciousness; restoring wholeness and balance to body, mind and spirit. It is a process of self-actualization, enrichment and growth, giving us all the opportunity to be masters of our own lives.

Reiki is wisdom at work, slowly revealing and integrating us with our spiritual essence. The nature of this essence is rooted in the present moment, and knows no duality, does not dwell in the past, nor does it anticipate the future. Therefore, it cannot take sides, nor pass judgment: there are no expectations nor attachments. It is the energy of unconditional, non-judgmental love.

The spiritual observances of Reiki assist us in achieving a state of emptiness and clarity, enabling the linkage (yoga) and unification with our own divine qualities. Reiki provides us with the natural tools to fulfill our birthright for happiness and good health. It is a gift you give everyday to yourself, to others, and to our planet.

There are three ways to experience Reiki. The first is as a client. A full session can take an hour to an hour and a half on a massage table. Through loose clothing, the practitioner channels energy through her or his body and hands, assisting the client in directing it precisely where it is needed. Touch is a primary language that everyone understands. It demonstrates caring, emotional support, comfort, trust, acceptance. Hands are powerful instruments of healing, love, intelligence and will.

Experiences and sensations will vary widely. Some will draw more energy than others, feeling intense heat or cold, or perhaps vibrations. Sometimes, a client will feel nothing at all, but remember that Reiki energy can be extremely gentle. It is also very intelligent and may work quite subtlety. Results of a treatment can be felt up to 24 hours later. Reiki is also cumulative, the more you receive, the greater the impact.

A second way to experience Reiki is to learn to use it for yourself. Training may be obtained from a Reiki Master who will give you the necessary attunements and instructions. There are four degree levels available; the level aspired to depends upon the studentís intended use. Reiki I provides you with the tools necessary for centering yourself, increasing self-awareness, self-confidence, and for manifesting inner-most desires. Energy atunements tap into, reactivate, and balance energy channels and chakras. Instruction is given on basic energy theory, hand positions for ourselves and for clients, and you learn how to access and use your Higher Self for clarity and intent of purpose.

Reiki II energy is more mature, stable and grounding. You learn symbols for Absentee Healing, Empowerment and Balance, Metaphysical studies continue with work that focuses on your Inner Child. This is a profound and joyous adventure into new dimensions.

The Advanced Practitioner degree is recommended for serious practitioners who want to take their practice to a level of awareness through greater understanding. You receive five new symbols, and learn the art of Reason/ Impact which taps into the wisdom of your own being, allowing you to perceive the mental and emotional caused of dis-ease.

The Reiki Master Candidate program is a year-long experience during which you learn to become a Reiki Master. The year is structured with a focus on personal growth, healing and expansion. It is a year of commitment not only to Reiki, but to yourself.

The third way to experience Reiki is to give to some one else, because when you give a treatment, you also receive a treatment. The energy is available to everyone. All it takes is for you to be open to the flow.

Reiki is a profound experience that takes you beyond the realm of your five physical senses. It is unlimited and without boundaries. Some think of it as magic. This may be so, but it is magic that is accessible by all, and like magic, Reiki ultimately fills you with joy and wonder. By learning to use energy creatively, you not only manifest specific forces that increase health and well-being, but you arrive at the threshold of the limitless Universe and your limitless self!

Robin Lechner - Dr. Robin Lechner is a Naturopathic Physician, Traditional Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister, and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing. Author and creator of "Living Whole"ô and "Living Light and the Rainbow Bridge", Robin skillfully synthesizes and blends philosophies and methodologies to bridge Eastern and Western traditions. From New York University and the Loving Touch Center in NYC to the Center of Living Light in Westhampton, L.I., Robin shares her experience, expertise and light.

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